Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mike's May Musings...

With the return of the warm weather, we are really glad so many of you have been out lately!  The water is warming up and many of you are getting the jet skis out.  Fun times ahead!  On that note, please be mindful of the no wake zone inside the harbor.  That means you can’t “open it up” until you pass the harbormaster’s house.  Also, all boaters, please “shut it down” so your wake does not wash into the shore under harbormaster’s house either.

Hopefully you have noticed the spring cleaning we had done around the marina.  It is ongoing, and we want the marina to be a place you look forward to coming to.  With that note, we need each of you to do your part and be sure you keep the area around your boat picked up and maintained as well as getting all of your trash inside the dumpsters and the lids closed. 

With the drought in its 4th year, we must conserve an additional 30 % at the marina.  We need your cooperation by being ever so vigilant in your water use.  When washing your boats, please do not use hoses that do not have a grip trigger; one that stops the flow of water when you are not using it.  Also, sweep your berth areas rather than spraying them down and, please, please wash your cars at home…

The Department of Water Resources, in their infinite wisdom, will be installing the “temporary” rock barrier at False River between Bradford and Jersey Islands on May 7th.  When traveling to Frank’s Tract you will need to detour through Dutch Slough or Fisherman’s Cut.  The barrier is scheduled to be removed in November.  If using Dutch Slough, remember that the Jersey Island Bridge is a fixed bridge, so watch your tides.  Clearance at high tide is 15 feet and 19 feet at low tide. 

Happy Boating,