Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Happenings at Driftwood Marina...

Attention all Driftwood Marina tenants!   As a special promotion, Driftwood is offering $75.00 off a month’s rent to any berther who refers a friend to rent one of our slips.  If you know anyone who is shopping around for a new marina, tell him or her about us and if they choose Driftwood as their new “port of call” we will deduct $75.00 off your next month’s rent!  Be sure to tell perspective tenants to mention your name so that we can “give credit where credit is due.”

We have been working on H Shed and now are offering a limited number of 26 foot slips at our 22 foot price.  This new program promises to be successful as we’ve rented a few already and with the recent improvements, we hope to be at capacity soon.

Bonnie and I went to a round table meeting with Congressman McNerney at the Big Break Regional Shoreline Visitor Center.  The meeting, held Friday 8/15, was a discussion about the proposed tunnels.  About 15 members of the community were in attendance, including representatives from the sanitation district, other marinas, and various conservation programs.  The overwhelming consensus is that the peripheral canal would be devastating to the Delta.  The tunnel would adversely affect wildlife, agriculture, boating, and the delicate ecosystem that is unique to the California Delta.  Let’s do whatever we can to maintain and improve our home and the habitat for so many.

The Visitor Center at the Big Break Regional Shoreline is right next door and offers lots of hands on activities, trails, and quite a bit of in-depth information about our Delta.  The park district is continuing to grow this wonderful facility as new exhibits are in the works.  Nature based activities are planned for every weekend at the Visitor Center and we encourage young and old and in between to check out this fun place!  For more information, call (510) 544-3050.

The state law of California prohibits smoking and animals in the restrooms.  With this in mind, kindly keep the premises clean and litter free by using ashtrays and picking up after your pets.  Also, dogs must be leashed or within your complete voice control at all times.  These facilities are for berthers and their guests only.  It is the responsibility of our tenants to advise their guests of our rules and regulations.

The weather has been spectacular for fishing!  We hope you fishermen and women are getting out there and casting a few.  September and the approaching months can be the very best for fishing and we look forward to all of your “fish tales.”

Rick, the gentleman from aquatic harvesting will be in the Marina this coming Tuesday, September 9.  We wanted to wait for an optimum low tide.   As in years past, the weeds are always a challenge but nothing that we can’t handle.   Thank you for your patience!

We are pleased to announce that our Marina Office will be open 7 days a week.  We did forgo switching to winter hours last year and as it proved to be a benefit to our berthers, it was decided to try it again this year.

On behalf of the staff, I’d like to wish you all a very fun and safe Autumn Season and look forward to seeing you here at the Marina.