Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is just around the corner and we just had our first large cruise-in of the year. Caliente Yacht Club came in with about 18 boats and several members drove in, too.
The Yacht Club put on a nice weekend for them with meals, music and games. It sure was nice seeing the guest dock full and people out there using their boats. We also saw some of our berthers who belong to different clubs using their boats for their cruise outs to other clubs.

We are continuing to get the marina back into shape for boating season. Let us know if something has been overlooked in your area. It’s that time again to take pride in your “neighborhood”. There were some beautiful gardens planted last year near the dock entrances and we would love to see them again this year. We plan to feature them on the website with full credit to the gardeners.

On April 1st, the marina switches back to summer hours and the office will be open 7 days a week.

Opening day for yachting season in this part of the Delta is April 4th. Anyone who would like to decorate their boat and join in the parade can contact one of the four yacht clubs, (Driftwood, Bridge, Ebony or Pittsburg) or myself to get information. The theme is Legends of the Sea and Sportsmen’s Yacht Club is hosting the event this year.

Last week several of our berthers caught legal sturgeon, but unfortunately no photos for me to post! We're also looking for more boats to feature on the main page of the site so send you boat pictures too!

Lastly, a few boating reminders:

As the 2009 season gets underway, be sure to check that your life jackets are in good condition. I prefer all children and non-swimmers to wear them while on the docks as well as on the boats. Remember, a boat does not have to be moving for someone to fall overboard.

Also, when returning to the harbor please remember boats leaving the harbor have the right of way, so please yield to them (as well as to Jasper when he is swimming!).