Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mark one off the 'ole bucket list...

Aloha and Happy November! I just returned from Pearl Harbor; one of my bucket list items. We were fortunate enough to actually stay on Ford Island, the heart of Pearl Harbor, just steps away from the Arizona memorial as well as having a tour of Hickam Airforce Base, which was heavily damaged during the attack, and the USS Missouri where the Articles of Surrender were signed. It was a very moving experience and I have an ever greater appreciation for our service veterans as we prepared to honor them this Veteran's Day. By the way, did you know the entire deck of the Missouri is teak? No more complaints about the relatively small amount of wood we boaters have to maintain!

Good news: the Aqua Harvester has completed the weed whacking in the harbor so our waters are clear with the exception of the stray water hyacinth that are breaking loose upstream and seem to float in and out with the tides. There is currently a group attempting to get a bond measure started to raise funds to eradicate them and I will be keeping you updated on that front.  Of course with the passage of Prop 1, there are also a lot of meetings addressing the tunnels and we will keep representing you at those, too.

As the holidays approach, we are getting the Marina decorated so stop in and see what we are doing. Be sure to get a glimpse of the marina from the water at night…While you're here, go ahead and get your boats ready for the Antioch Holiday Delites Lighted Boat Parade. Boats of all sizes are encouraged to participate by contacting Jim Davi at 925-698-6856. It is scheduled for the first Saturday in December (the 6th) and the line up is in front of our marina at 4:45 pm. The parade will travel along the Antioch waterfront so that would be the best viewing area from land. Of course you can always anchor out to see it too!

As you may have noticed, we have a new presence on Facebook - Please like our page!  We will be posting there regularly and there will be opportunities for you to win prizes for participating. We plan to also include links to articles of interest for both boaters and fishermen.

Finally, as we update our records, please provide us with an e-mail address so we can have another avenue to contact you as needed.

Happy Boating,