Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winter is here!

Here we are in February and winter is finally here! Some of you might not know it, but we have been working on some projects to improve the marina. We have installed new security cameras. If you visit our web page, you can now see a live picture of the marina and the river via our new web cam with current weather conditions. We had a few problems when we first set things up, but have them resoved now. We would like your feedback, if you have some suggestions or are having problems logging in. We continue to update things and add pictures and would like you to keep viewing the website and please send us some pictures you might want to add.

We have also started pruning some of the trees around the marina in order to keep things looking nice. The trimings are going into the dumpsters when room is available, but we need you to be sure all of your trash is in the dumpsters too....there are several around the marina so if the most convenient one is full, please put your stuff in the next closest one. Trash left out just gets blown around and makes the place look messy....and the trash company won't pick it up if it is not in the dumpsters. Remember, your batteries and old oil need to be brought to the area next to the office for recycling.

If you have not been to your boat for some time, you may want to pay a visit because the wet weather has finally arrived and you need to check on your lines, batteries, bilge pumps, etc.

Although it has been wet, the wind has been down and you can still get out there and fish. According to the reports, they have been picking up some sturgeon along with some stripped bass. Get out there and send me some photos!

We have moved in several new berthers so welcome you new neighbors and if you want something to do, visit the Yacht Club and ask about becoming a member. They have lots of ongoing events like Taco Tuesdays (with live music) and Friday night dinners. This month they have a Crab Feed on February 21st and I have been told tickets are still available (reservation deadline is February 14th) Click on our link to Driftwood Yacht club and you will find information to make your reservations.

One final reminder, we are still on winter hours until April 1st.