Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Has it been that long?!

Well, I am a bit over due for an article and I apologize for that. It has been a very busy summer! With the close of summer, there is still a lot of good fall weather for boating. Many fishing derbies are starting up and with the mild days, still a lot of time to spend on your boats.

The tenants of AA dock have had several spontaneous “dock” parties this summer, even making homemade ice cream. Driftwood is a weekend getaway for many, coming out every Friday night and staying until late Sunday afternoon. I encourage you to get to know your dock neighbors, and enjoy your time at the marina too.

With the economy down, boating recreation has also been down, which means we have some vacancies in slips 36 feet and under. If you have a friend looking for a place to berth, please recommend us. For larger boats, we have a waiting list and prospective berthers can be added right from the web site.

The marina staff has been trying to stay on top of many different projects; working on upgrading the front docks, trying to keep the weeds in the harbor cut down and most of all trying to keep the hydrilla and water hyacinth out of the harbor. We had some set backs due to our workboat being broken down and waiting on parts for a while, but it is working again. As a lot of you know, we hired a company to come in and help us cut weeds in June. They did a real nice job. Thank you for all of your thank you letters. The corporation likes to hear that it was appreciated. It was is very expensive project but we are planning to do it annually. We will still get out with the workboat and work when the tides cooperate. We should have some pictures of the project to post on the web page in the near future.

I want to take a minute to welcome Ernie Quails back to our staff. Ernie was my assistant before he moved to Tennessee. Now that he and his wife are back in the area, he has returned to our relief staff. We are so glad to have him back working with us. Come on into the office and say hi!

Driftwood Yacht Club is hosting their annual Make-A-Wish fundraiser on Saturday, October 2. We wholeheartedly support this event and encourage you to join in too. There will be some minor disruptions to the operation of the marina that day. There will be a guard at the gate to regulate participant parking. Just let them know you are a tenant and you will be able to get in. If you have guests arriving later to join you, be sure they know your name, dock letter and slip number. Since this is a public event, for your security, please keep your dock gates locked do not open your dock gate to let anyone into your dock if you do not know them.

Finally, October 1st is the beginning of winter hours for the harbor. The office will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we will not have anyone available to conduct harbor business those days. Please plan your schedules accordingly.

Happy Boating!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring - Finally!

For the most part, winter has past us. The weather is getting better and it’s time to get out and enjoy boating. Driftwood Marina (as I write this) is having our first cruise-in of the year. If you have not been around lately, we have upgraded the guest docking and our visitors certainly appreciate it.

We have also upgraded the website. There is a new waiting list you can sign up on, to get a slip, so please tell your friends about it. We would love them to make Driftwood their new home.

Remember the office is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and will remain so through May of this year. E-mail is a great way to reach me when I am off (

Opening day for our area is the first Saturday in April. Anyone interested in decorating their boat and participating in the parade should contact Driftwood Yacht Club...see the link on our web page. The theme is ‘Building Bridges”.

If you have not put your new registration stickers on your boat, please do so as soon as possible. I have been contacted by the Marine Patrol and advised that they will be here soon, walking the docks and putting reminder slips on your boat, followed by a ticket.