Monday, April 20, 2009

I’ve turned another year older, have a brand new grandson and had to put Jasper on a diet.

Well, never mind about the birthday, but my new grandson, Dean Scott Carroll, was born March 24th and I’ve already bought him his first boat (albeit for the bathtub)! Thanks to those of you who made sure I was “fed and watered” while Kathy was off doing her “grandma thing” for two weeks.

Jasper is dangerously overweight, so please help him out by not feeding him anything (no food or, bless your hearts, no cookies!). Also, he has to swim more, if that is possible, so please watch out for him when you are exiting or entering the harbor.

Lauritzen’s recently hosted a jet ski race and did a great job setting the course so it did not impact our harbor much. They made sure there was plenty of room to safely escort our berthers in and out of the harbor. There will be a few more this year and I encourage you to come out and watch . It is great fun.

The Yacht Club has several cruise-in’s planned this year on the following dates: May 1 – 3rd, May 22 – 25th, June12 – 14th, July17 – 19th , August 7 – 9th, October 2 – 4th, and October 16 – 18th. Those of you who plan to use your boats those weekends, and may be pinned in due to your proximity to the guest dock, can move to a temporary slip prior to the visiting club’s arrival. Just come up to the office and talk with me the week before and I’ll find a place for you.

Also, Driftwood Yacht Club is having a Mother’s Day Lunch on Mother’s Day. Reservations are a must, so please call Patti Grosz at (925) 846-0467, if you wish to attend. She will give you the details.

Congratulations to berthers Jim and Cheryl Davi, owners of the Cheryl D, on winning Best of Show in the Opening Day boat parade.