Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is here! We will be expanding our business hours to be open
7 days a week beginning April 1st
Hours of operation will remain 
8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We’ve been busy…If you haven’t had the opportunity, come by the Marina and check out our improvements! These include our beautiful green lawn, flowers in bloom and general landscape updating. We have a new building for the gas shed as well. Pot holes have been patched and we continue our ongoing battle with the weeds. We believe victory over unwanted foliage will be ours! Speaking of unwanted foliage, we continue to keep the work boat in operation managing the debris in the Marina, keeping our waterways clear.

An exciting addition …to the front of the Marina is our turtle pond. Should you venture out on a sunny day you may see Walter, the Dude and Donny basking on a rock. They can be elusive (especially the Dude) but seem to have acclimated well to their new home. While away from Driftwood, they can be viewed on our new "Turtle Cam", our latest live action camera in the Marina.

The Management asks for your help… in keeping our docks and the area around boats clean and tidy. Perhaps there are items you've been meaning to throw away or stow away. Inspection is coming up, which includes walking and inspecting the docks.  An excess of items can present a safety issue as well as being an eyesore.  Berthers who do not comply will be notified individually.  Winter can certainly be a time of accumulation and hibernation and spring is our chance to start anew.  

Opening Day… is Saturday, April 6 and Driftwood Yacht Club is hosting this fun, annual event. All are hoping for a great day on the water as the season officially gets underway.  We're always happy  to welcome the new season and warmer weather!

Save the Date... Driftwood Marina's Annual Customer Appreciation Day  has been scheduled for Saturday, May 18th.   Stay tuned for details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, from the entire Driftwood Marina staff...

Happy Easter
Happy Spring
Happy Boating