Tuesday, September 6, 2011



On July 27, 2011 I adopted a 1 ½ year old Golden Lab mix named Daisy. She has adjusted to harbor life like a duck to water; in fact, it is a challenge to keep her out of the water! She loves meeting all of our berthers and their canine family members. She certainly has taken well to her new role as Driftwood’s ambassador.

AND in August 29, 2
011 we welcomed our newest granddaughter, Alana Paige Carroll, to the family. (Yes, that makes 4 grandchildren, two girls and two boys). I’m sure it won’t take long for her to have Papa wrapped around her finger…

I am also plea
sed to tell you our front dock repairs have been completed… we have 8 - 45 foot renovated spaces available to rent, so please encourage your friends to become part of the Driftwood family!

On Saturday, October 8th, Driftwood Yacht Club is hosting the annual Make-A-Wish cruise and fundraiser. This year’s committee has really been working hard to bring an enjoyable day to you, so please participate…Tickets are $35 per person and that includes a 2 hour yacht cruise, lunch, entertainment and auction. This event is open to the public so get your group together and have a fun-filled day for a good cause!

An important reminder…please have children wear properly fitting life vests when on the docks; not just in your boat. Accidents can happen at any time. I require my grandchildren to have their life vests on before we leave the parking lot and go down the ramps. Also, I encourage all adults to wear life vests when on the water. I highly recommend the inflatable vests. These vests automatically inflate, with a co2 canister, should you fall into water. They are very comfortable and will not hinder your enjoyment of your boating trip. And… they may save your life!

As fall approaches, I believe you are able to enjoy the best boating the Delta has to offer. The winds die down and the water is smooth and cool. Striper fishing is gearing up. Per the fishing reports, one of the present hot spots is right in front of our marina, at the Antioch Bridge. Of course, I could have told you that, because our seasonal resident seal has been spotted inside the harbor again. We are very lucky to experience such a diversity of wildlife at Driftwood. From time to time, in the morning, we can enjoy the peace and quiet and watch a crane or egret float by on a tule island.

Happy and Safe Boating,